Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nerdery Assemble!

Another dead month on the blog, during which time I've been subjected to one of the more dispiriting and humiliating tortures with which a nerd can be afflicted: moving into a new house. Granted, it's fun moving the family into our first house, banishing the guilt of raising a one year-old in an apartment and giving him a yard, his own room, and scoring myself a truly dedicated game room. (My apartment 'game room' doesn't count, because my wife put a Robin McKinley-dominated bookcase in there.) But that glory is cut by the agony of sorting through fifteen years of collections of comics, models, movies, and games--pulling out a beloved piece of nerd-obsession, sighing in exhaustion and exasperation, and then wondering whether selective arson would be a more humane solution to the task at hand. It turns out that I have accrued a lot of crap. Some of which has indeed been binned with a certain amount of apathetic disdain over the past weeks. Others are awaiting the modern slave block of eBay. The rest just accuses me of months and years of neglect.

Sigh. One day, nerd-hoard, one day...

In other business, the movie The Avengers is coming out next week. As any of you should be aware after reading a few of my articles in the past, I'm excited for the advent of this long-awaited super-team film. I've already posted on Captain AmericaAvengers that might have been, and Thor, but if you want a refresher, you can check them out again. Don't worry, I'll wait.

As a way of getting our house broken in and of spreading the nerd love for all things Marvel, my wife and I have decided to embrace the next week as Avengers Week. Starting on this Sunday, we'll be watching a different Avengers tie-in movie until we go to the midnight release of The Avengers. Sunday is Iron Man, then The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America will finish off the buildup on Thursday evening before we all parade over to the movie theater. Each night I'll spread out a selection of my Marvel library and related games for friends to peruse and play with as we have a fun time being social enablers of our shared dorkdom. It's going to be a fun nerd-invigorating experience, and I encourage all of you to take part in your own Avengers Week. If not, I hope to blog at least a bit about each movie and its impact as part of a greater whole in the coming week.

So expect more super-powered posts in the next week. Until then, true believers: excelsior!

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