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Welcome to my blog. I am here to pin down your psyche and inject it with concentrated nerdiness. If you start absently rolling dice, thinking about what sort of hobbies Captain America has, or yelling at a television show for continuity errors, I've done my job. Also, making you laugh and/or respect the nerd is acceptable, too.

How Often Do You Update?

The current plan is to update weekly at least once per digit of followers I have. So twice a week for 10-99 followers, then three times a week for 100-999 followers, and so on. I also occasionally post more often than this based on current trends and my own free-time (or lack thereof), and to followup on questions or comments I receive.

What Do You Write About?

I write about all sorts of nerdy topics, as well as the occasional slice-of-life account of my adventures as a nerd husband and father. I have a number of recurring article series here. You can reference them in the tags section along the right hand side of the blog, but here's a rundown of the main articles.

A Day in the Nerdery Being a nerd is fun. There's a peculiar level of joy that can only be enjoyed by someone who knows how to properly visualize 'power armor-shattering pelvic thrusts', 'brace-for-impact bathroom breaks', or 'thing-foot'. I'm here to share that joy, whether you like it or not.

Bucket List This isn't a formal series of articles, but flags articles where I discuss some things that relate to lifelong goals as a nerd.

Budget-Nerdery I've often said that nerdery is about enthusiasm. And let's face it: enthusiasm can be expensive. Fortunately, experience is often a good way to help curtail expense and find great ways to enjoy yourself, indulge a lot, and still spend only a little. So let me share some experience so you too can enjoy similar hobbies without spending too much. That is, without spending more than is necessary...you still might spend a good deal, but that's not my fault.

Don't Be That Guy One of the best things about being one out of several billion is that there's always somebody doing something stupid. If you keep your eyes open, you can usually wait for a stupid person to try something first. Watch them fail, then laugh, and be sure not to repeat their mistake. Or read my blog and get the skinny straight from the Nerdery.

Dumbasscience Science is not always smart. Oh no sir-ree-Bob. Sometimes it is just plain stupid. That's okay, I won't judge. I'll just point it out and mock it mercilessly. These articles will contain rants from history and breaking news where scientists are pursuing through-and-through bad ideas. From the 'flying your car to work' pipe-dream, to various plans of how to forcibly reverse global warming, if it's technological and perilous to rationalists, it's Dumbasscience.

GM Tips It's easy to get into any number of RPGs as a new player, but getting started is a rocky, uphill battle for the Game Master, as he must wrangle player personalities, schedules, and the rules of the system in addition to developing his own plot. Hopefully, a few personal lessons will ease your GMing burden, or at least illustrate how one nerd shoulders the burden of the Game Master.

Kickstart Your Weekend A series in which I occasionally spotlight Kickstarter projects that are ending soon and deserve a little nerd love. Also, I'll highlight some past projects as well, as you never know when these enterprises are going to turn up again.

Movie Web
Each article in the web, I'll look at a specific actor's roles across three good movies. The third movie will in turn tie into the first movie of the next week's actor, whose third movie will continue the pattern. I will go through actors and movies at this rate, with the following limitations in mind: every movie(or television show) invoked will be one I either own, or wish to own; no movie or actor will be invoked twice. So sit back and enjoy as you fall into the nerdery's movie web. (Oh, and I'll try to keep spoilers to a minimum, telling you just enough to know if you'll enjoy the movie)

Nerd bread and Nerd butter There are a lot of things that go into making a nerd. Nerd bread describes things that are absolutely necessary to qualify for the title. The corollary, nerd butter, deepens the nerd experience to something much more profound, much like butter does to bread.

Nerd pic These are posts that contain nerdy pictures of humor and/or awesome. Feel free to meme them out and enjoy.

Nerdview A good review is hard to find. A good review--that is, a quality review, not a positive review--seems to be even more rare amongst professionals and dedicated reviewers. Fortunately, the Nerdery is helmed by a literary nut. Each review, whether it is a game, movie, book, or television series, will have the four elements: bias, appreciation, personal enjoyment, and general enjoyment. Put in food terms, these are odor, beef, gravy, and cheese.

Rambling This is a tag that I tack on to posts that cover a lot of different topics.

Rant This tag is for posts where I get really heated about certain nerdy topics. You have been warned.

Stolen from the Editor's Desk There are a lot of opinion columns, write-in articles, and advice editorials in the greater medium of the written word. Virtually none of these advisors are particularly qualified, either. There's nothing to stop them from giving bad advice. Except me. Stolen from the Editor's Desk involves me taking some sort of advice column and tearing it a new one, all for your sake. Bad advice, meet the nerdery.

The Time for Dick Measuring There we go. A needless reference to God-given anatomy. Sometimes you should take stock and compare your manhood with other men around you. But, alas, it is not always appropriate. The Time for Dick Measuring articles will help to navigate the mine-field of situations where you must resist the urge to compare your hampton to your fellow man's.

UFO Files Early in the year 2011, certain elements of the British government released about 1GB of pdf files concerning fifty years of reports of unidentified flying objects. What these files contain no one knows, as the responsible elements have confused the reports with lousy formating, frivolous inventory pages, and copious amounts of double-talk. Enter the nerdery, a government-unassociated entity dedicated to the mass-dispersal of nerd culture, rationalism, and humor. The nerdery will be analyzing the files and releasing the secrets the UK Ministry of Defense didn't want revealed. The truth is in here.

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